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25 October 2011

REVIEW: roux fanci-full mousse in lucky copper

Sally's Beauty Supply for $9.99 USD

This is a short, short-short, review for Revlon's Temporary Color Mousse. I purchased it about a week ago to try and make my hair a little more red-like for my halloween costume. Did it work?

Short answer: Nuh-uh.

Longer answer: I have light-to-medium brown hair, so I hadn't expected much of a color turn-out; I realize it's best to have lighter hair, in these sorts of situations. But the ends of my hair can be downright blonde in spots, and even if my hair was slightly auburn-ish brown, I could have made it work. But, to be honest, I didn't see even a hint of color. And I progressively used gobs of the brown goo.

It was a great mousse, though, taking aside the supposed color change.

20 October 2011

halloween inspiration: joan holloway

"That's life. One minute you're on top of the world, 
the next minute some secretary's running you over with a lawn mower."

11 October 2011

holy grail drugstore cosmetics

The term 'holy grail' is not to be used lightly. To be a holy grail item is to be the very best for that person; it is, if not the very essence of perfection, pretty effing close.

I am very new to makeup; up until this summer, and my re-entrance into the blogging world, I was only wearing liquid eyeliner, mascara and a bit of concealer under my eyes. So to say these are foolproof, tried and true, "I've used it for years" holy grail makeup, is a bit of a misstatement.  Except for the listed liquid eyeliner and concealer.

Introducing my current holy grail products. All drugstore cosmetics.


I'm getting a camera.

(An old one, in the mail, from my parents. But still.)

I'm excited.

style inspiration for fall: liebemarlene

You'll have to forgive me. We're in the middle of midterms right now, so that means the heat has been increased from four-to-five page essays to seven-to-twelve page essays. Lovely, right?

Back when I first first started blogging (in a joint-blogging attempt with my roommate and friend), we were both surprised that of the many blogs we frequented, Liebemarlene Vintage was one of our favorites. It's not so surprising now, I guess; she is one of the leading ladies in the fashion blog world, and for good reason. These are the outfits that I've lately been drawing inspiration from for fall. It's all about knit sweaters and high collars for me!

photo from Liebemarlene

07 October 2011

christmas list in october.

photos from Foxtail + Fern

I'm constantly searching for new blogs to obsess over (do you guys have any favorites I should know about?!), and came across this beautiful, vintage-inspiring fashion blog, Foxtail and Fern.

How precious is that glass locket?! That precious. I can see myself storing all the minutes of late summer and early fall in this pendant, hoping to capture a lingering moment of chlorophyl sunlight and warm earth before it all fades before crisp winter. And, knowing Cleveland, it'll come all too soon.

diy gone wrong

Today's post was supposed to be dedicated towards the diy project I have been mulling over the past two days. The intention was to redesign an old cardigan I had stashed away, plain and lifeless and never worn. I was quite excited to show you guys, because it was a simple enough idea, requiring only some fabric, needle and thread (I have no sewing machine, so all of my diy projects have to be simple!).

It has, however, gone horribly awry.

As soon as I save the poor cardigan and rethink my design, I'll show you pictures of this embarrassment. Because it's bad. So bad.