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07 October 2011

diy gone wrong

Today's post was supposed to be dedicated towards the diy project I have been mulling over the past two days. The intention was to redesign an old cardigan I had stashed away, plain and lifeless and never worn. I was quite excited to show you guys, because it was a simple enough idea, requiring only some fabric, needle and thread (I have no sewing machine, so all of my diy projects have to be simple!).

It has, however, gone horribly awry.

As soon as I save the poor cardigan and rethink my design, I'll show you pictures of this embarrassment. Because it's bad. So bad.

1 comment:

  1. I'm about the cut the sleeves off an old leather jacket and try to attach them to another jacket and I have a feeling it will end badly! But we must persevere!!!