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11 October 2011

holy grail drugstore cosmetics

The term 'holy grail' is not to be used lightly. To be a holy grail item is to be the very best for that person; it is, if not the very essence of perfection, pretty effing close.

I am very new to makeup; up until this summer, and my re-entrance into the blogging world, I was only wearing liquid eyeliner, mascara and a bit of concealer under my eyes. So to say these are foolproof, tried and true, "I've used it for years" holy grail makeup, is a bit of a misstatement.  Except for the listed liquid eyeliner and concealer.

Introducing my current holy grail products. All drugstore cosmetics.

1. L'OrĂ©al Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Earthen Rock Brown
This is a true holy grail of mine, and I consider myself something of a connoisseur of liquid eyeliners (and I fully admit I know nothing about makeup). I've used it for years.

2. Max Factor Pan-Stik Ultra Creamy Makeup in Nude Ivory
I snagged this from my mom a few years ago (after she snagged my concealer!) and I love it. It's a foundation, I suppose, and not something I wear all over my face (I rarely wear anything, tinted moisturizer is as close to foundation as I get), but for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes, it works magic. Nothing I own compares to it.

3. Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Nutty
This color is GORGEOUS. It somehow transforms in color, as I apply layers over my eyelid. Everyone  has been raving about Nutty, though. Nbd.

4. CoverGirl Intense Shadowblast in Beige Blaze
Picked up this beauty after a review from G at Nouveau Cheap. Works very well as a primer for eyeshadow. Fun to apply, too.

5. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Tiger Lily
I love love love love Burt's Bees. Love.

6. Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Blonde
Another pickup from Nouveau Cheap, after she applauded and kept applauding about this eyebrow pencil. It really deserves to be raved about; I have multicolored (brown and blonde!) eyebrows that I hate on most days, so filling them in with this pencil really helps. I also love that it's not too red in color, like a lot of brown eyebrow pencils.

7. Maybeline Volum' Express The Colossal in Glam Brown (non-waterproof)
The yellow packaging won me over, if I were to be completely honest. But the mascara wand is phenomenal and I definitely notice a difference between this mascara and others I have used. This is my third time buying it; I used another mascara in between my two colossals, and quickly went back.

8. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin
I LOVE this blush, and can't understand why people haven't raved about it yet (I have heard it's not great for oily skin, but for dry ol' me it's perfect). I have a natural blush to my cheeks anyways, so I don't like a lot of color; this is more of a 'tint' that can be layered, and the shimmer offers a highlight without being ostentatious. I don't always wear blush, but when I do, this is what I grab.

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