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04 October 2011

that's the last of it: no more spending!

I own several pair of oxfords: they are my go-to style when it comes to shoes. As any girl who walks on a university campus knows, flat shoes are the way to go. And even with the sensible wedges or chunky 2" heels (you know, the kind of heel that you hardly notice), people downright stare at you on campus. I mean, it's bad enough that I forego the typical sweatpants and hoodie for, say, a dress and blazer -- but heels? Crazy talk.

Oxfords are my solution. They're flat, comfortable, and versatile enough that they pull off 'dressy' casual -- my favorite look -- with ease. And they've got that vintage charm that brings a little something to the table that a pair of flats sometimes cannot.
Call it Spring Sorvagur Oxford from Zappos

Introducing my latest find. I've been oogling them for weeks, but when JC Penney's link recently spazzed, I about had a heart attack. (See?! It still says "this product is not available at this time.") Thinking that the shoe was out of season, out of stock or simply unavailable, I rushed to my local JC Penney's and picked up a pair. I was lucky, very lucky: they only had a few pairs left, and only one pair in my size. The sales associates were telling me the shoes have been selling like hotcakes.

Note: You can still purchase these at your local JC Penney's, or hop on over to Zappos and purchase them for $39.99 USD (same price, don't worry). These shoes, the sales associate told me, run a little small and, because they are European, only come in full sizes. I am your average 8 (US size), and had no trouble with their 8 size.

That, along with a sweater purchase at Plato's Closet for $3.00 USD, finishes my fall/winter purchases. Except for maybe an odd scarf or necklace here and there, I will not be buying any more clothes, in preparation for my 30 looks challenge.

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