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25 October 2011

REVIEW: roux fanci-full mousse in lucky copper

Sally's Beauty Supply for $9.99 USD

This is a short, short-short, review for Revlon's Temporary Color Mousse. I purchased it about a week ago to try and make my hair a little more red-like for my halloween costume. Did it work?

Short answer: Nuh-uh.

Longer answer: I have light-to-medium brown hair, so I hadn't expected much of a color turn-out; I realize it's best to have lighter hair, in these sorts of situations. But the ends of my hair can be downright blonde in spots, and even if my hair was slightly auburn-ish brown, I could have made it work. But, to be honest, I didn't see even a hint of color. And I progressively used gobs of the brown goo.

It was a great mousse, though, taking aside the supposed color change.

20 October 2011

halloween inspiration: joan holloway

"That's life. One minute you're on top of the world, 
the next minute some secretary's running you over with a lawn mower."

11 October 2011

holy grail drugstore cosmetics

The term 'holy grail' is not to be used lightly. To be a holy grail item is to be the very best for that person; it is, if not the very essence of perfection, pretty effing close.

I am very new to makeup; up until this summer, and my re-entrance into the blogging world, I was only wearing liquid eyeliner, mascara and a bit of concealer under my eyes. So to say these are foolproof, tried and true, "I've used it for years" holy grail makeup, is a bit of a misstatement.  Except for the listed liquid eyeliner and concealer.

Introducing my current holy grail products. All drugstore cosmetics.


I'm getting a camera.

(An old one, in the mail, from my parents. But still.)

I'm excited.

style inspiration for fall: liebemarlene

You'll have to forgive me. We're in the middle of midterms right now, so that means the heat has been increased from four-to-five page essays to seven-to-twelve page essays. Lovely, right?

Back when I first first started blogging (in a joint-blogging attempt with my roommate and friend), we were both surprised that of the many blogs we frequented, Liebemarlene Vintage was one of our favorites. It's not so surprising now, I guess; she is one of the leading ladies in the fashion blog world, and for good reason. These are the outfits that I've lately been drawing inspiration from for fall. It's all about knit sweaters and high collars for me!

photo from Liebemarlene

07 October 2011

christmas list in october.

photos from Foxtail + Fern

I'm constantly searching for new blogs to obsess over (do you guys have any favorites I should know about?!), and came across this beautiful, vintage-inspiring fashion blog, Foxtail and Fern.

How precious is that glass locket?! That precious. I can see myself storing all the minutes of late summer and early fall in this pendant, hoping to capture a lingering moment of chlorophyl sunlight and warm earth before it all fades before crisp winter. And, knowing Cleveland, it'll come all too soon.

diy gone wrong

Today's post was supposed to be dedicated towards the diy project I have been mulling over the past two days. The intention was to redesign an old cardigan I had stashed away, plain and lifeless and never worn. I was quite excited to show you guys, because it was a simple enough idea, requiring only some fabric, needle and thread (I have no sewing machine, so all of my diy projects have to be simple!).

It has, however, gone horribly awry.

As soon as I save the poor cardigan and rethink my design, I'll show you pictures of this embarrassment. Because it's bad. So bad.

04 October 2011

that's the last of it: no more spending!

I own several pair of oxfords: they are my go-to style when it comes to shoes. As any girl who walks on a university campus knows, flat shoes are the way to go. And even with the sensible wedges or chunky 2" heels (you know, the kind of heel that you hardly notice), people downright stare at you on campus. I mean, it's bad enough that I forego the typical sweatpants and hoodie for, say, a dress and blazer -- but heels? Crazy talk.

Oxfords are my solution. They're flat, comfortable, and versatile enough that they pull off 'dressy' casual -- my favorite look -- with ease. And they've got that vintage charm that brings a little something to the table that a pair of flats sometimes cannot.
Call it Spring Sorvagur Oxford from Zappos

02 October 2011

cut out shoulders

Vyque of Fasshonaburu posted a while back about a possible new trend: cut-out shoulders.


Now that she's said something, I can't help but notice it everywhere, too. Just recently, BleachBlack posted a very similar picture, though in a denim-like material. What do you guys think? Am I imagining things?

30 September 2011

cool never fades target shoes now for sale!

Those shoes from Targets' Cool Never Fades campaign, which everyone has been talking about, are now being sold online for $29.99 USD!

Check them out here!

28 September 2011

how to apply lipstain: tracy's learning experience with maybelline's feelin' rosy

G from Nouveau Cheap is always raving about lipstains (Goodness, I constantly refer to her, don't I? She's awesome, though. Honest.). So when I recently decided to take the plunge into lip cosmetics, I couldn't help but think of her reviews.

Preface that really deserves its own post: I don't wear anything on my lips, ever, except for lip balm. Lip gloss is a disaster with girls who wear their hair long (you know what I'm talking about!), and though lip stick is a tiny bit better as far as stickiness is concerned, I happen to posses fairly big lips with naturally dark coloring. If I wear any color on my lips, it is in an attempt to subdue my mouth, not highlight it. Until now. Dun dun dun.

(Purchased at Target for $6.99 USD)

Meet Maybelline's Colorsensational lipstain in Feelin' Rosy. It's like a marker for your lips... in a good way.

26 September 2011

scarves. lots of scarves.

Constantly inspired by the fashion & beauty blogosphere, and in preparation for Kendi's Thirty Days, Thirty Outfits challenge (at my own pace and interpretation, of course. But, more later!), I took a look at the weak spots in my wardrobe in an attempt to mold my personal guidelines for the challenge. Here is what I came up with:

1. I own a spaghetti-ton of black. Holy meatballs.
2. I don't wear accessories.
3. Work-appropriate clothes, Tracy! It's important.

And I remembered this video, which is awe-inspiringly beautiful as far as accessory-creativity is concerned! It's just not right to hide this gem from the world.

25 September 2011

folkin' around

It's a late Sunday afternoon, where Nick and I lounge on the couches, eating Hawaiian pizza and watching the Browns' game while I work on the multiple essays due this week (actually, due tomorrow, but who's counting the days?). I'm suffering from... well, something (flu? cold? whatever it is, it makes my bones ache and creak. I hope I never ever develop arthritis.), but the pizza and cuddly puppy are making things easier.

This weekend, we made our way into Kent to partake in the festivities that is the Kent Folk Festival. Specifically, my boyfriend and I went to see The Speedbumps, a local band that we always try to see when they come into town.

So, my apologies for the schoolwork and cold. The musical genius that is The Speedbumps will more than make up for it, I promise.


21 September 2011

rings, and the intimate things

What can I say? I'm from the Midwest. We love our Target apparel, accessories and shoes!

Yesterday, deciding to pick up some of the usual necessities -- milk, bread, nail polish -- from the Target that is practically across the street from my apartment, I decided to take a look at the damage done from the new Missoni collection. Unlike some, I wasn't all too impressed with the fall collection (except for one particular sweater that isn't available for adult women), but it was kind of hysterical to see entire displays completely empty.

After having seen Budget Babe's review of Target accessories, particularly this ring, I thought I'd take the time -- I mean, what the heck, why not?!--  and browse the entire store.

(click to enlarge)

20 September 2011


1. Relic Carrie Satchel, $37.80 USD (sale price)
2. Simply Vera Vera Wang Floral Watercolor Tee,  $15.00 USD (sale price)
3. Simply Vera Vera Wang Wedge Boots, $66.99 (sale price)
4. Simply Vera Vera Wang Faux-Fur Trapper Hat, $33.60 USD (sale price)

When my roommate offered a Friends & Family coupon for 20% off an entire purchase for this weekend at Kohl's, I wasn't terribly excited. These coupons aren't exactly a new idea, are they? And to be honest, I've never considered Kohl's a top priority when clothes' shopping -- a lot of their clothes just aren't my particular style, or aren't in my price range. But I couldn't help but check out the Kohl's website the other day, to see what they had to offer. These were my favorite items; can't say I'm surprised that they're mostly from the Simply Vera collection!

Anyways, I just wanted to throw a little love out to Kohl's -- it definitely shows me that any store can begin to carry quality fashion. Next stop: Kmart.

18 September 2011

new name, new game

This weekend, after having spent less than thirty-six hours reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy for my Children's Lit class (and for pleasure, they are the best first-person series I have read in a lonng time), my boyfriend and I decided to attend the Arts & Cultural festival in Cleveland. Today, we took Bingley (my canine child) to the Paws Fest  at our local dog park, before visiting the boyfriend's parents. Which was where I began rethinking the theme of my site.

You see, after discovering the true meaning behind 'au rabais',

(Yes, it does mean 'on the cheap' as I had previously thought, but not in the diy/thrifting/stalking sale racks sense; instead, it implies the idea of reduced prices, through either a sale, coupon or otherwise. Close, but no cigar.)

I've decided to rename my blog Poor Man's Closet. For lack of a better name. I shouldn't have to explain the gender neutrality in 'man', right?

More importantly, I've redesigned the website! My goodness, I never remember my thirteen year-old self having such difficulty with css. Regardless, I'm happy with the watercolors theme. :D

In the mean time, here are some cute, inspiring book 'sculptures' that have been mysteriously appearing in libraries across Scotland. Read the article, it's fascinating!

katharine hepburn

Hepburn, known for her independence and feisty spunk, was a famous actress who won four Academy Awards over an acting (in both Broadway and Hollywood) career spanning some sixty years. I know her for The Philadelphia Story, a movie that cemented her success in Hollywood; I was named after the character.  You may know her from The African Queen, On Golden Pond, or Bringing Up Baby.

So when I heard there was an exhibit showcasing some of Hepburns' costumes from over the years, I leapt at the chance to go see it. Dragging my boyfriend along, naturally.

An illustrated scene from The Philadelphia Story

11 September 2011

my weekend in the c-bus

Before my parents moved to Florida, I would come 'home' from university to a suburb of Columbus; home was a small, colonial-themed town to the north east of the city. And though I am not one who is rooted exclusively to Ohio (if anything, I want out!), there are certain charms to Columbus that one simply cannot escape. The Short North district, for example, sits right in the heart of downtown, and I make a ritual of grabbing some pearl milk bubble tea from Zen Cha or wildberry lavender ice cream from Jeni's (yes, you really can taste the lavender!) and strolling down High street, admiring a new mural or some sidewalk chalk art or even a band playing in the street. This sort of artistic back alley, unique to Columbus, isn't something you would expect from a sports-crazed, mid-sized, midwestern city. And maybe that's part of its hold over me: the unexpected charm and magic of North High.

But it wasn't until this weekend that I was able to attend my first Ohio State University football game; people in this city tend to take the football team with exaggerated zeal, but the atmosphere is fun, none the less. My boyfriend and I drove down especially for this game, and I was able to stop by Easton (a mall I had worked, and practically lived in, as a teenager, and one I had taken for granted until moving up north) to shop at their gigantic Forever 21.

08 September 2011

inspiration station

Photo from Stina Persson

This fall and winter, in order to alleviate the inevitable seasonal depression that comes from living in Northeast Ohio, I plan to use bright, cheerful colors paired with neutrals to combat cool temperatures. Looking at Stina Persson's awesome watercolors, I can't help but be inspired!

05 September 2011

chanel no. 529

Previously, I had mentioned my new obsession with nail polish, and my particular love for Chanel's nail polish color, Graphite. It's a shimmery 'griege' shade that, according to The Ultimate Makeup, "goes from a metallic gunmetal with shimmer, to a dark tarnished gold shimmer, to a flashy silver color", and is incredibly versatile.

Unfortunately, I cannot justify $25 for a bottle of nail polish, and immediately set out to find a close dupe.

Ladies and gentleman, I have found that nail polish. And no, it is not Revlon's Carbonite.

03 September 2011

personal challenge: accessories

Taking a cue from Vyqué at Fasshonaburu, I've taken a long, mostly-objective look at the problems with my wardrobe, hoping to minimize confusion on a splurge-filled day (i.e., buying a black dress when I honestly already own fifteen or so) and add some complexity to my closet.

The two main problems I noticed right away haven't exactly been a secret: My lack of jewelry (all accessories for that matter, excluding scarves), and only a few clothing pieces that transition well into a traditional office environment.

The main problem with my clothes is the length of my skirts; having shorter legs means I shy away from dresses that graze the knees, as I have an unhealthy fear of looking 'stumpy' and 'short'. And really, I realize that this fear is irrational -- I'm 5'3, there will never be a day in my life where I'll be confused for 'tall' -- but I can't help it!

So, on to accessories.
Little Miss Momma's Mustard Bloom pendant necklace, $16.00 USD
Forever 21 Beaded Shield Ring, $4.80 USD; Forever 21 Tribal Arrows Bracelet, $5.80 USD

haphazard update

I have not forgotten about my blog, friends. I have actually managed three drafts for this week (I have found my Chanel Graphite dupe! And it is not the illusive Revlon shade!), but two of these require permission from other fashion blogs to use their pictures, and another requires my scanner.

My last year of school also started for me this week, and taking all upper division classes and a writing intensive English course (which means it'll make life extra crispy) will not make my schedule... casual. That said, I'm super excited for my courses. Who even knew such a thing as Creative Nonfiction ever existed?!

I also made a trip to the Fashion Museum on campus (with my half-willing boyfriend) this week to see an exhibit on Katharine Hepburn's stage & movie costumes. One of my posts -- the one that requires a scanner -- is dedicated solely to that visit.

And now, on to black nail polish.

From Chloe of Chloe's Nails

27 August 2011

lazy line painter tracy

This is my first (of two, granted) apartment that allows me to paint my walls. I was really excited when I was first told this, but several factors hindered me from pulling out the brushes and rollers the day of move-in. To explain, we face north and a wooded area, which is nice for the dog but not so nice for allowing light in. I'm also terrified that we will ruin the new carpet, a luxury I have never been given access to since owning a pet.

My boyfriend has talked me into painting a wall in my room, however. Chalkboard paint, if you can believe it.

25 August 2011

the times are a-changin

I feel it. Every time I consider my nails, my three - three - nail polish colors (Pink, Peach-pink, Pink-ish nude). Every time I consider my makeup bag and its empty space.

Nail polish. I'm absolutely convinced, what with my lack of funds for fashions finds - like, say, shoes or blazers - that the cheaper nail polish market will inevitably fill that black hole in my soul that feeds upon narcissism.

It started with the nude trend that is detailing itself in shoes, dresses, lipstick and now nail polish. It continued with my absolute love for Bleachblack's Dickweed and its unapologetically edgy, duochromatic beauty, and my search for a conscientious dupe as the color stays consistently sold out. Now, I've gone off into the deep end of the pool: Chanel.

Payless Shoesource

There are many things I love about Payless. They have affordable shoes, many of them absolutely darling; an abundance of my size, which is harder than one might imagine; and, living in north-east Ohio, there always seems to be a convenient location for guiltless shopping, where I may be.

It's also BOGO (1/2 off) time, which only adds fuel to the metaphorical fire that is my obsession with shoes.

photos from
(top left: Tenley Lace-up Wedge Boot in Mushroom, Bobby Jazz Oxford in Grey,
 Katy Bow Wedge in Blue, Devin Wedge Oxford in Tan)

Skinnies Season List

It's that time of year again. Where summer has begun to fade in lieu of moody temperatures and crispy, olive green leaves. For many of us, school is starting if not already in session, and while we look forward to Fall colors and a new season of fashion, some of us consider a necessary back-to-school item with dread.


I'm a part of that (small? large?) group of people who loathes shopping for new jeans. And, without fail, as the new semester rolls around I find myself needing a new pair -- seeing as I've worn my previous favorite pair to tatters. I've spent more than a hundred dollars on a pair of jeans (because they are THAT important to me), but now I find myself in a perplexing, and now noticeably consistent, situation: I have little money to spend as a college student, but I have maintained my picky taste.

Perhaps I should have explained exactly how I'm picky. First and foremost, I limit myself exclusively to bootcut or skinnies. I also prefer dark washes (slimming) with little to no hi lighting/fading in the thigh area (to maintain a monochromatic consistency that for me is, again, slimming) and I prefer the rise to be medium or high. Hip-digging jeans are not what I would call comfortable.

Denim can be hard for a curvy girl. Really hard. I'm about as average in terms of body style as average can get -- five foot four, one-hundred and twenty-five pounds, hourglass figure. Legs shorter (always, always shorter) than I want them to be. Alas. So, despite my average tendencies, I have a devil of a time trying to find an affordable, wearable pair of jeans.

So, in honor of school starting for me next week, I introduce a list of skinnies that are both affordable and wearable. Curvy girl edition.

23 August 2011

Shampoo Revoo

I should start by mentioning my recent obsession with Nouveau Cheap. Having a major hair crisis while attempting to grow out my bangs has forced me to turn towards other forms of beauty to keep myself from going mad (or, the more likely surrender with the metaphorical white flag of a pair of scissors). It's worth it's own separate post, let me tell you. Regardless, makeup and nail polish have taken over the lengthy routine that my hair once held, and I have turned towards Gianna and her drugstore reviews to find the best at the best price.

This is not about makeup, however. This is about hair. And shampoo. Specifically, Suave Professionals.

21 August 2011

Cool Never Fades

I just got super excited for Target's Fall 2011 collection.


i heart nail polish

Thank goodness for the nude trend that is popular right now. That, more than anything, has helped pique my interest in nail polish.

I should probably explain myself: I am a notorious nail-biter.

photo from Walgreens

20 August 2011

Nail Polish Dupe (?!)

I am, for the sake of generalities, a very conventional girl when it comes to fashion.

I feel I almost have to be, having been raised in a traditional setting (no tattoos, multiple piercings or dyed hair for me!), and possessing that ‘traditional’ hourglass figure that screams to be put into waist-emphasizing dresses and a-line skirts. Safe, neutral, classic. That’s my motto.

Every once in a while, though, a small part of me screams for the edgy fashion trends that define a generation.

This is exactly why I look to blogs like BleachBlack: it lets that piece of me explore fashion terrain I dare not expose myself to publicly. And with my recent obsession with nail polish , it was a match made in heaven when BleachBlack came out with their lovely duo-chromed polish, Dickweed.

Now, of course, with Maybelline’s newest nail polish LE collection for Fall 2011 Fashion Week (detailed by Nouveau Cheap), I am hoping against hope that there is a similarity between Dickweed and Maybelline’s Be Scene in Green.


19 August 2011

5 things.

1. My name is Tracy. I've 'published' in blogs before.
INDEPTH: It was a delightfully awkward time for me, but my roommate and I had loads of fun all the same. I’m not the type who is comfortable in front of the camera, you see, and by the time I began to remember to pose, finals got the best of us and we stopped the blog. She had the camera, of course. I have a cracked iPhone.

2. ‘Au rabais’ means ‘On the cheap’ in French.
INDEPTH: I don’t speak a word of French (two years of college Spanish, instead). Title names began with ‘Nouveau Pauvre’, a juxtaposition to the commonly heard ‘nouveau riche’. I then realized I was blatantly referring to myself as ‘poor’, and self-righteously went another route. But still in French.

3. In this blog, I will focus on... well, whatever fills my heart with glee.
INDEPTH: Fashion; high brand knockoffs; current fashion trends; vintage; comfortable, sensible --but cute-- shoes; makeup brands; current makeup trends; makeup dupes (that’s right, MAC, you heard me); the iPhone 5, whenever it comes out (September, Mr. Jobs, please and thank you)
edit: Steve, how dare you resign! Ah well, as long as it doesn't halt the production of my future phone. Carry on, Mr. Cook.

4. I live for blogs.
INDEPTH: I’m entering my final year at University as an English major, and unlike many individuals, believe that the combination of literacy and technology should be embraced. I love blogs. Currently, I cannot stop reading Liebemarlene, Always With ButterHanneli Mustaparta and Nouveau Cheap. I have virtually no money to spend, and so rely on creativity to fill my closet.

5. I thrive on communication.
INDEPTH: I realize this is a new blog, and I realize I am just another 20-something who is spilling to the virtual world in terms of fashion, cosmetics, and diy projects. But I honest-to-gosh enjoy hearing back from people. So, if you have something to say, even if its ‘Um, Tracy, do yourself a favor and stay away from pointed-toe heels’ (I’m pigeon-toed!), please do. :D