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11 October 2011

style inspiration for fall: liebemarlene

You'll have to forgive me. We're in the middle of midterms right now, so that means the heat has been increased from four-to-five page essays to seven-to-twelve page essays. Lovely, right?

Back when I first first started blogging (in a joint-blogging attempt with my roommate and friend), we were both surprised that of the many blogs we frequented, Liebemarlene Vintage was one of our favorites. It's not so surprising now, I guess; she is one of the leading ladies in the fashion blog world, and for good reason. These are the outfits that I've lately been drawing inspiration from for fall. It's all about knit sweaters and high collars for me!

photo from Liebemarlene

photos from Liebemarlene

photo from Lookbook

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