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19 August 2011

5 things.

1. My name is Tracy. I've 'published' in blogs before.
INDEPTH: It was a delightfully awkward time for me, but my roommate and I had loads of fun all the same. I’m not the type who is comfortable in front of the camera, you see, and by the time I began to remember to pose, finals got the best of us and we stopped the blog. She had the camera, of course. I have a cracked iPhone.

2. ‘Au rabais’ means ‘On the cheap’ in French.
INDEPTH: I don’t speak a word of French (two years of college Spanish, instead). Title names began with ‘Nouveau Pauvre’, a juxtaposition to the commonly heard ‘nouveau riche’. I then realized I was blatantly referring to myself as ‘poor’, and self-righteously went another route. But still in French.

3. In this blog, I will focus on... well, whatever fills my heart with glee.
INDEPTH: Fashion; high brand knockoffs; current fashion trends; vintage; comfortable, sensible --but cute-- shoes; makeup brands; current makeup trends; makeup dupes (that’s right, MAC, you heard me); the iPhone 5, whenever it comes out (September, Mr. Jobs, please and thank you)
edit: Steve, how dare you resign! Ah well, as long as it doesn't halt the production of my future phone. Carry on, Mr. Cook.

4. I live for blogs.
INDEPTH: I’m entering my final year at University as an English major, and unlike many individuals, believe that the combination of literacy and technology should be embraced. I love blogs. Currently, I cannot stop reading Liebemarlene, Always With ButterHanneli Mustaparta and Nouveau Cheap. I have virtually no money to spend, and so rely on creativity to fill my closet.

5. I thrive on communication.
INDEPTH: I realize this is a new blog, and I realize I am just another 20-something who is spilling to the virtual world in terms of fashion, cosmetics, and diy projects. But I honest-to-gosh enjoy hearing back from people. So, if you have something to say, even if its ‘Um, Tracy, do yourself a favor and stay away from pointed-toe heels’ (I’m pigeon-toed!), please do. :D

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