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25 August 2011

the times are a-changin

I feel it. Every time I consider my nails, my three - three - nail polish colors (Pink, Peach-pink, Pink-ish nude). Every time I consider my makeup bag and its empty space.

Nail polish. I'm absolutely convinced, what with my lack of funds for fashions finds - like, say, shoes or blazers - that the cheaper nail polish market will inevitably fill that black hole in my soul that feeds upon narcissism.

It started with the nude trend that is detailing itself in shoes, dresses, lipstick and now nail polish. It continued with my absolute love for Bleachblack's Dickweed and its unapologetically edgy, duochromatic beauty, and my search for a conscientious dupe as the color stays consistently sold out. Now, I've gone off into the deep end of the pool: Chanel.

I'm a bit late to this party, but being entirely new to nail polish in the first place, I find it worth mentioning. Apparently, and according to Stylelist, Chanel launching a new nail polish color is the "fashion-world equivalent of the latest iPhone or the newest Harry Potter book -- everyone goes crazy and must get their hands on it". Makes sense, right? It is Chanel, afterwards

The particular shade that I have been worrying myself over since my discovering it (a whopping forty-eight hours previous to this post), is Chanel's Graphite, sold for $25.00 USD. Like everyone else interested in the fashion industry, we'll be damned if we don't get our grubby little fingers on it, but unlike most people, I cannot justify splurging a 'measley' twenty-five dollars for a nail polish. Thus, begins my quest for yet another dupe on an item I will never possess.

Anyone have any tips? I heard Revlon's Carbonite is a close match.

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