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20 August 2011

Nail Polish Dupe (?!)

I am, for the sake of generalities, a very conventional girl when it comes to fashion.

I feel I almost have to be, having been raised in a traditional setting (no tattoos, multiple piercings or dyed hair for me!), and possessing that ‘traditional’ hourglass figure that screams to be put into waist-emphasizing dresses and a-line skirts. Safe, neutral, classic. That’s my motto.

Every once in a while, though, a small part of me screams for the edgy fashion trends that define a generation.

This is exactly why I look to blogs like BleachBlack: it lets that piece of me explore fashion terrain I dare not expose myself to publicly. And with my recent obsession with nail polish , it was a match made in heaven when BleachBlack came out with their lovely duo-chromed polish, Dickweed.

Now, of course, with Maybelline’s newest nail polish LE collection for Fall 2011 Fashion Week (detailed by Nouveau Cheap), I am hoping against hope that there is a similarity between Dickweed and Maybelline’s Be Scene in Green.



  1. Oh that is a lovely blue! I actually just purchased Be Scene In Green myself, hoping it was a metallic teal/green/gold duo-chrome, but alas, it is just a plain green metallic-- pretty though.

    And I *absolutely* know what it's like to spot an amazing color and have no idea how you'll ever find it! So I tried to find some dupes for you. XD

    Bloom's Bianca

    LA Girl Metal in Deep Sea Mica

    I like to Google swatches of colors to try and get an idea of how it looks in different lights/on various skin tones, and to save myself from a possibly costly leap of faith! Good luck in your polishing pursuits. ♥

  2. You're so nice, posting those links for me and everything :D Thank you for the help!