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21 August 2011

i heart nail polish

Thank goodness for the nude trend that is popular right now. That, more than anything, has helped pique my interest in nail polish.

I should probably explain myself: I am a notorious nail-biter.

photo from Walgreens
I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember, and for quite a while now, the desire to stop the addiction (it really has become a subconscious tic for me) has been growing. As a result, I've turned towards nail polish to try and curb my bad habit.

Still, painting my stubs black doesn't seem like the best idea, so I'm slowly easing myself into nail polish through neutral, and therefore practically invisible, shades. Right now, for example, I am wearing Wet n' Wild's Megalast in Private Viewing, with the nude color a little darker, and warmer, than my skin tone:

But as my nails grow longer (three days strong!), I hope to branch out into more exotic colors. This being my last year in college, I figure this is my last chance to go wild with the nail polish before I'm cornered by office protocol into neutral colors with my 9-to-5 job. (Which would not be a bad thing. Here in Northeast Ohio, no one is complaining about a full-time + benefits deal.)

Any tips of quitting the nail-biting habit? And, more importantly, what are YOUR favorite nail polish brands and colors? I'm a newbie, here!


  1. I was a terrible nail-biter myself for many years, but finally quit cold turkey when I had my first office job-- all of the ladies I worked with had beautiful, well-manicured nails, and I was so envious and embarrassed of my own sad stubs that I just stopped. But maybe just having something *on* your nails will help. Try carrying around a nail file so that if you have a nail snag you aren't tempted to bite it off.

    Furthermore, you can *totally* rock colors beyond neutral at work (to a point), and, there are weekends, and weekends mean more fun & more sparkle/duo-chrome/whatever you fancy etc.
    /end nailnerd rant

  2. Thank you, -thank you- for the advice!

    I've quit before; I wore diy french manicure glue-ons for a month straight (long enough to stop the habit), and had gone for three months, three months (!) without biting. No nail polish or nothing. But, alas, finals came along. The nerves got the better of me, and my nails.

    A nail file is an excellent idea. That's part of the problem with nail-biting: you start, and then simply cannot stop, because they have to be even!

  3. Ooh yeah, I used to chomp my nails when there was any kind of stress, or maybe a suspenseful movie, or just out of plain boredom! Then when I stopped nail-biting, I'd bite the inside of my cheek. >,<;; But you can work up the willpower to stop-- with a nail file, or, sore cheeks. :/