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27 August 2011

lazy line painter tracy

This is my first (of two, granted) apartment that allows me to paint my walls. I was really excited when I was first told this, but several factors hindered me from pulling out the brushes and rollers the day of move-in. To explain, we face north and a wooded area, which is nice for the dog but not so nice for allowing light in. I'm also terrified that we will ruin the new carpet, a luxury I have never been given access to since owning a pet.

My boyfriend has talked me into painting a wall in my room, however. Chalkboard paint, if you can believe it.

As previously mentioned, I have no camera; I have an iPhone that is due for an update, and so the picture quality is subpar at best.

I was reluctant to allow myself to be persuaded into painting. It's too dark of an apartment, I explained. I can't possibly justify painting an already dark room with a coat of black paint. Rustoleum, however (offered through Home Depot and I believe Lowe's), has come out with quarts of chalkboard paint that can be tinted to whatever color you like. Seeing as this would be my last chance to paint a darker color and blame it on college life and general, youthful ignorance, I warmed to the idea of paint. I wanted a bright color, something that could offset its dark tint and provide flair to an otherwise neutral room. Due to a subtle -- okay, fine, ostentatious-- Asian theme (paper lamps, a raku-styled vase, an orchid bedspread), I decided a red color with a bit of purple would be best.

If you're thinking about painting a wall/item of yours with chalkboard paint, there are various diy guides online that offer advice on painting, and even how to tint it to exactly your right color. Check out this one!

This is after a day of painting a gray primer coat and adding a layer of chalkboard paint. We will need a second layer. Again, sorry for the photo quality, but this first picture offers the best idea of the color.

What do you think? Have I made a big mistake? Undoubtedly.

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