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25 August 2011

Payless Shoesource

There are many things I love about Payless. They have affordable shoes, many of them absolutely darling; an abundance of my size, which is harder than one might imagine; and, living in north-east Ohio, there always seems to be a convenient location for guiltless shopping, where I may be.

It's also BOGO (1/2 off) time, which only adds fuel to the metaphorical fire that is my obsession with shoes.

photos from
(top left: Tenley Lace-up Wedge Boot in Mushroom, Bobby Jazz Oxford in Grey,
 Katy Bow Wedge in Blue, Devin Wedge Oxford in Tan)

Only the two right-side photos are shoes I would consider buying; the other two are added for fun. The Tenley lace-up boot, for example, isn't exactly a close knockoff of the Target boot featured in their Cool Never Fades campaign, but is close enough for me to confidently say that knockoffs are available if you can't wait till October, and that regardless of the brand, this particular style of shoe is popping up everywhere and will undoubtedly be popular this fall. The Katy wedge is such a vibrant, fun indigo shade, I couldn't help but post about it; unfortunately, they aren't a viable option for when I'm walking around campus.

But, oh, how my heart pit-patters when I look at those Bobby Jazz oxfords. I mean, slip-on oxfords?! What a novel idea! The grey-taupe color is gorgeous, too. I could see this working well as a neutral with all sorts of outfits, jeans and dresses both. The Devin wedge has me optimistic; despite my worry over the rubber (possibly cheap-looking, possibly tacky) wedge, I feel it'd be nice to wear a low wedge and fool people into thinking I am tall.

...Like that would ever happen.

There are, of course, some shoes that are a bit too arbitrary for my traditional tastes.

I mean, come on. If I saw someone wearing these shoes, this would be all I would think about:

Stroke the furry wall.

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