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03 September 2011

haphazard update

I have not forgotten about my blog, friends. I have actually managed three drafts for this week (I have found my Chanel Graphite dupe! And it is not the illusive Revlon shade!), but two of these require permission from other fashion blogs to use their pictures, and another requires my scanner.

My last year of school also started for me this week, and taking all upper division classes and a writing intensive English course (which means it'll make life extra crispy) will not make my schedule... casual. That said, I'm super excited for my courses. Who even knew such a thing as Creative Nonfiction ever existed?!

I also made a trip to the Fashion Museum on campus (with my half-willing boyfriend) this week to see an exhibit on Katharine Hepburn's stage & movie costumes. One of my posts -- the one that requires a scanner -- is dedicated solely to that visit.

And now, on to black nail polish.

From Chloe of Chloe's Nails
I never meant to dedicate so many posts to nails and nail polish! But as I try to quit my biting habit, it's nice to read up on the all the fun colors, combinations and nail art you can do on your own.

Like black on black, as is pictured above. (How cool is that?!)

My love for black nail polish is small, but gradual. It was not so very long ago that I openly despised the idea of black nail polish. I thought it made girls' nails look small, unhealthy and plain ugly, and it reminded me of the punk and goth stereotypes that I obsessed over when I was twelve; which made it all the more bitter. But the idea of black nail polish is quickly growing on me, you see. No one can look at that picture and not love the artist's creative reinterpretation of the traditional manicure. Matte black with a glossy black for the tips of the nails? Clever.

Regardless, it may not be so long before I own some black nail polish of my own. Now the only questions are: Will it give me a teenager's vibe (something I want to avoid as I begin to enter the job market), and can it be worn in the office? God, I hope so. At least on my feet.

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  1. Ohh I was a spooky teen & *loved* my short, terrible, black polished nails! So I also find it difficult not to think of my tacky teenage self when I picture black nails, but I do love my Sonia Kashuk - Starry Night (photo via ALU).