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05 September 2011

chanel no. 529

Previously, I had mentioned my new obsession with nail polish, and my particular love for Chanel's nail polish color, Graphite. It's a shimmery 'griege' shade that, according to The Ultimate Makeup, "goes from a metallic gunmetal with shimmer, to a dark tarnished gold shimmer, to a flashy silver color", and is incredibly versatile.

Unfortunately, I cannot justify $25 for a bottle of nail polish, and immediately set out to find a close dupe.

Ladies and gentleman, I have found that nail polish. And no, it is not Revlon's Carbonite.

Let us first consider how I pined for this magical shade, and the various articles discussing their various dupes:

There is mention of a possible dupe in OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, but Polish Police proved to me otherwise.

Photos from Polish Police

The Daily Jessica noticed a similarity between Graphite and and Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong (available at Walmart). I could not find this shade, however, and it did not possess that same 'warm' tone -- it appeared more blue in color.

And, sure, sure, we have the most obvious Revlon Carbonite comparison. I cannot seem to find this shade anywhere in Northeast Ohio, however, and didn't want to give in and buy it online until I was one-hundred and ten percent sure the drugstores in my area weren't ever going to offer it.

On my last haul to find Revlon's illusive shade (thirty minute drive... grumble, grumble) at my nearest Ulta, I had not one, but TWO helpful Ulta associates trying to find me a suitable Chanel dupe, I came across the entirety of Pixel's collection; and there it was. 529 Spy Wears.

Sure, it's not perfect. It's got this beautiful duochromatic ability to look gray, and then in another light, look silvery-taupe. I don't own Chanel's Graphite, but I'm sure Spy Wears is a warmer tone, in general. It doesn't have 'micro-glitter' to the effect or concentration of Chanel, in fact it possesses a very shimmery silver, not the gold craziness of Graphite. But

It's simply beautiful. I'm positive that I could layer it with a sheer, gold shimmer nail polish and come close. And even regardless, Pixel's greige interpretation (at less than three dollars)  has finally put my restless legs at ease. I no longer have to worry that Chanel will have another customer in me.

And so I was awaiting an email to publish this post, and I came across this: 

Sari of Bower of Blisse also saw a similarity, and created her own dupe!

Photo from Bower of Blisse
(Middle and ring fingers in Spy Wears + Sephora by OPI's Already Famous, Pinky in Graphite)

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