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08 September 2011

inspiration station

Photo from Stina Persson

This fall and winter, in order to alleviate the inevitable seasonal depression that comes from living in Northeast Ohio, I plan to use bright, cheerful colors paired with neutrals to combat cool temperatures. Looking at Stina Persson's awesome watercolors, I can't help but be inspired!

Water Colour Scarf from Zara, $59.90 USD
Spiewak Leyden Coat from Urban Outfitters, $209.00 USD
Guav-on Your Way from Modcloth, $57.99 USD
Have it Ruffle Boot Modcloth, $54.99 USD

1. If I didn't already own three heavy winter coats and wasn't moving to Florida next year, I would absolutely buy this coat, two hundred dollars be damned (actually, it's more about Florida, less about owning too many coats). I find it absolutely infuriating that the only bright color really offered in down-filled coats is lipstick red; this coat offers a beautiful green color, plus pockets, a hood, reasonable tailoring (considering it's a serious winter coat, this is a big deal) plusss an interior waist drawstring, how cool is that?!

2. First off, how excited are you guys that Zara's online webstore is now open to the US?! I'm excited. I love this scarf, it's not afraid to scream feminine colors! It's a bit expensive, but honestly, I think it'd be difficult to find a good alternative -- the colors are so bright, the scarf is so big (which is a good thing), it's obviously meant to be seen as an individual. And while I'm listing dream fall/winter items, it wouldn't hurt to dream a little out of budget, right?

3. This might appear on my Christmas list for my parents. I have never seen a purse this color, and certainly not at a price below a hundred dollars. This is more appropriate for spring and summer, but honestly, my enduring love for peach/coral shades is all encompassing; I can't help but love it year round.

4. These shoes... ah. Even right now, having just bought school supplies and textbooks, it's taking a sizable amount of willpower to not go ahead and order these. These would be cute with the jeans I just bought, and the mustard yellow color is just enough of a neutral to virtually go with anything, and stand out. The feminine ruffles/rough & tough shape of the boot is very creative.

Edit: Speaking of bright colors and watercolor inspiring my look, it seems Tadashi Shoki's look for Spring 2012 at New York's fashion week followed a similar concept. He was inspired by the 'regal tulip', cites Dianna Baros from Budget Babe. Take a look at her site to see the awesome dresses!

What about you? What's inspiring you this fall and winter?

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