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18 September 2011

new name, new game

This weekend, after having spent less than thirty-six hours reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy for my Children's Lit class (and for pleasure, they are the best first-person series I have read in a lonng time), my boyfriend and I decided to attend the Arts & Cultural festival in Cleveland. Today, we took Bingley (my canine child) to the Paws Fest  at our local dog park, before visiting the boyfriend's parents. Which was where I began rethinking the theme of my site.

You see, after discovering the true meaning behind 'au rabais',

(Yes, it does mean 'on the cheap' as I had previously thought, but not in the diy/thrifting/stalking sale racks sense; instead, it implies the idea of reduced prices, through either a sale, coupon or otherwise. Close, but no cigar.)

I've decided to rename my blog Poor Man's Closet. For lack of a better name. I shouldn't have to explain the gender neutrality in 'man', right?

More importantly, I've redesigned the website! My goodness, I never remember my thirteen year-old self having such difficulty with css. Regardless, I'm happy with the watercolors theme. :D

In the mean time, here are some cute, inspiring book 'sculptures' that have been mysteriously appearing in libraries across Scotland. Read the article, it's fascinating!

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