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28 September 2011

how to apply lipstain: tracy's learning experience with maybelline's feelin' rosy

G from Nouveau Cheap is always raving about lipstains (Goodness, I constantly refer to her, don't I? She's awesome, though. Honest.). So when I recently decided to take the plunge into lip cosmetics, I couldn't help but think of her reviews.

Preface that really deserves its own post: I don't wear anything on my lips, ever, except for lip balm. Lip gloss is a disaster with girls who wear their hair long (you know what I'm talking about!), and though lip stick is a tiny bit better as far as stickiness is concerned, I happen to posses fairly big lips with naturally dark coloring. If I wear any color on my lips, it is in an attempt to subdue my mouth, not highlight it. Until now. Dun dun dun.

(Purchased at Target for $6.99 USD)

Meet Maybelline's Colorsensational lipstain in Feelin' Rosy. It's like a marker for your lips... in a good way.

 The applicator  resembles a felt pen tip, actually.

Having only lip balm and Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Apricot Fantasy (see? subdued!) as lip makeup experience, I was kind of baffled as to how to appropriately apply it. Which sounds silly, but I was terrified that I would somehow apply it incorrectly, with certain parts more pigmented than others. Because, darlings, I swatched it on my arm before anything. And boy does it have pigment that builds.

(left to to right: swatches with 1, 2 and 4 layers)

It's easy to apply, though. What I do is just make a general sweep of my bottom lip, rub my lips together to spread the pigment onto the top lip, and fix any areas I might have missed with the tip of the pen (If you make a mistake or the color is too dark, just lightly sweep with your finger; if you're quick about it, the lipstain's pretty forgiving).

(these photos were taken from my iPhone, yes, but I went
 into PS to alter the colors; they are as true as I can get)

It's beautiful, though, it really is. I get about three to four hours of use out of it, and that's because I'm constantly running to class with something in my mouth (whether a sandwich, water bottle, granola bar...); I could probably get more use if I was careful. The wear on the lips is a little uneven; I noticed the most wear around the middle of my bottom lip. It's a gradual wear, though -- there were no 'rings' or hideous layers of pink and red. Nothing terrible, I promise. And, like all lipstains (according to sally's beauty palladio reviewers) is a little drying -- just swipe on some lip balm afterwards.

(First photo: just after lipstain application
Second photo: about three hours and an early dinner later)

What I really love about lipstains though is the fact that there is no layer on your lips -- you literally feel nothing once it dries. Which I love; I hate hair clinging to gooey lips! And, AND, because of that 'au natural' feel, it looks more natural. I use one swipe for a subtle hue (and to be honest, one layer was enough for me; more than two would probably look strange on my naturally dark lips), but someone could definitely build for intensity. If someone wanted a subtler look, just swipe, smack lips together, and then immediately kiss your arm; some of the color will fall off.

Overall: Maybelline's Colorsensational lipstain is definitely a win. It's convinced me to stray from lipsticks (and the dreaded lipgloss! Freedom!) and spend my money on lipstains, instead. Is it perfect? No, the wear was a little uneven. But let's face it -- I am not kind to my lips, and the uneven wear was hardly noticeable. It's perfect enough, for me.

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