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26 September 2011

scarves. lots of scarves.

Constantly inspired by the fashion & beauty blogosphere, and in preparation for Kendi's Thirty Days, Thirty Outfits challenge (at my own pace and interpretation, of course. But, more later!), I took a look at the weak spots in my wardrobe in an attempt to mold my personal guidelines for the challenge. Here is what I came up with:

1. I own a spaghetti-ton of black. Holy meatballs.
2. I don't wear accessories.
3. Work-appropriate clothes, Tracy! It's important.

And I remembered this video, which is awe-inspiringly beautiful as far as accessory-creativity is concerned! It's just not right to hide this gem from the world.


  1. oh my gosh! why haven't i see this video before!?
    i have so many scarves and never know how to tie them :)
    thanks a MILLION for showing me this video + consequently wendy's youtube and her blog :)