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25 September 2011

folkin' around

It's a late Sunday afternoon, where Nick and I lounge on the couches, eating Hawaiian pizza and watching the Browns' game while I work on the multiple essays due this week (actually, due tomorrow, but who's counting the days?). I'm suffering from... well, something (flu? cold? whatever it is, it makes my bones ache and creak. I hope I never ever develop arthritis.), but the pizza and cuddly puppy are making things easier.

This weekend, we made our way into Kent to partake in the festivities that is the Kent Folk Festival. Specifically, my boyfriend and I went to see The Speedbumps, a local band that we always try to see when they come into town.

So, my apologies for the schoolwork and cold. The musical genius that is The Speedbumps will more than make up for it, I promise.


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