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21 September 2011

rings, and the intimate things

What can I say? I'm from the Midwest. We love our Target apparel, accessories and shoes!

Yesterday, deciding to pick up some of the usual necessities -- milk, bread, nail polish -- from the Target that is practically across the street from my apartment, I decided to take a look at the damage done from the new Missoni collection. Unlike some, I wasn't all too impressed with the fall collection (except for one particular sweater that isn't available for adult women), but it was kind of hysterical to see entire displays completely empty.

After having seen Budget Babe's review of Target accessories, particularly this ring, I thought I'd take the time -- I mean, what the heck, why not?!--  and browse the entire store.

(click to enlarge)
I couldn't help but buy this ring. I just couldn't. It was a little pricey for something of no use, at $9.99 USD (God, you can really tell I'm a college student when I'm kicking myself over ten dollars, huh?), but it was such a pretty little cocktail ring. Well, it isn't exactly little, nor is it exactly a cocktail ring. But the sentiment is the same.

As I've mentioned before, considering my weight, height and body style, my wrists, hands and fingers are disproportionately small. The current trend with making rings extendable and thus sellable to most ring-sizes makes absolutely no difference. Putting this ring on my thickest finger (my middle finger, which is actually heftier than my thumb) still leaves me with a LOT of room. But I don't care. It's classy-but-edgy and definitely a statement piece, which is exactly what I am going for in my accessory collection right now. They're great conversation starters.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Actually, this probably isn't much of a secret: knowing my oblivious tendencies, this bit is likely mainstream information at this point, but let's pet my ego. 

Two years ago, I went through yet another body change (I would call it a growth spurt, but let's be real. I tell people I am 5'4 and I am being generous.) that resulted in quite the lingerie dilemma. My poor parents, having just bought brand new intimates for me from Victoria's Secret that Christmas, were not willing to fork over hundreds of dollars again. Of course, everyone knows that Target's bras are top notch for the fraction of the price of VS, but what you may not know is that there are some awesome, awesome deals to be had. 

Now, with a recent bra genocide from my lovable-but-mischievous canine child, I am in need of a few brassieres again. I could not find the exact link online to the bra I bought, but you'll get the idea (click to see, I didn't want to offend anyone). The point is: a very cute nude bra, in an average bust size of 34C, at an already reasonable price of $19.99 USD was found at my Target for three dollars and some change.

And there are always so many, many unmentionables on sale. 

So next time you are at your local Target, check out the intimates section. You might be surprised what you can find!

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